Local Dynamic Map

This precision map-based system collects, processes, transmits, stores, and maintains real-time dynamic information
 (sensor data, weather, roadside unit data). Essential technology for cooperative automated driving
level 4 or higher,
the system analyzes vehicle, pedestrian, and structure data  for safe driving.


C-ITS and LDM Cooperative automated Driving System Comparison
  • LDM cooperative automated Driving system combines and processes road information and  transmits it to vehicles as V2X messages without driver involvement.
  • LDM cooperative automated Driving system  combines the dynamic information of C-ITS and the static information of HD map into LDM standard and generates accurate location information for transmission.  

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C-ITS and LDM Cooperative automated Driving System Comparison
Category C-ITS Road Infrastructure System LDM Cooperative Automated Driving Road Infrastructure System
Purpose Provides information (text/image) to drivers Provides quantified data to self-driving controller
Dynamic Information Collection Method Infrastructure sensor, traffic information center, vehicles
Service Provision Method SAE J2735 Message set
Location Information Generation Method Static information set during development Real-time generation using HD map, improved accuracy
Capabilities Simple transmission of collected data Delivers a combination of collected information and map data
Response to Road Changes Requires software repair and maintenance Able to respond with updated/distributed HD maps
Service Flow